ch ch ch changes.

After a rough fall/winter with lots of interruptions, little sleep for both me and the baby, and lots of medical stuff popping up for several kids, I decided to put our three oldest kids in Catholic School for the remainder of this school year.

We probably weren't doing as bad as I was feeling we were, but being still in the first year post-partum, I was feeling very overwhelmed with it all. Mercy is a low tone baby, she's been "floppy" since birth, and has had trouble meeting her gross motor milestones. At this time, she's 10 months and at the gross motor development of a six-month-old. I mentioned it to our pediatrician at about 8 months that I felt she was behind and seems weak. I especially noticed that she was markedly different from my friends who have had babies a few weeks before and after her, they are all crawling, and cruising, and much more mobile. She did not roll over until almost 6 months, and could sit at 8 months. She had an evaluation by Early Intervention and qualified for physical therapy in our home once a week. She's also developmentally delayed in some cognitive areas too, but they are going to see if those improve once her mobility improves. It feels overwhelming to me. I know babies develop at different rates, but I've just felt that something hasn't been right. She is very hard for me to hold because she doens't support her weight. The plan is to investigate the cause of low tone if she doesn't improve with therapy.

So, with all that, the big three started school this week for Catholic Schools Week, and with a few bumps, they all seem to be adjusting well. There were a few tears shed by all this week. It's certainly a shock to their systems to have to be up and ready to walk out the door at 7:30! I have missed them very much this week, and our house is pretty quiet with only a three year old and a baby at home. I think we're just going to take the rest of this year and see how it goes.


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