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low tide

Our year so far has been going pretty well, even with many interruptions for family happenings. Our longest unexpected break was in October when my dad was in the hospital for a week, and ended up needing another procedure on his heart.

We've got our mornings down to a pretty routine, routine. We get up, eat, get dressed, do our morning tidy of the house. I like to have at least enough clear counter space to spread out my planner. The kids watch CNN10, BrainPOP video of the day, we work a little on their poetry memorization, pray a morning offering together, announce any prayer requests, do a picture study and listen to some classical music from, then they finish up any morning chores (we call it work).

My two oldest have also been using powerhomeschooling for the last few weeks. It has give me a little break to help my parents as my dad prepares for open heart surgery.

The rest of the day they spend time reading, playing, drawing, using apps, exploring intere…

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