Mercy Adelaide

I basically forgot I had a blog. Ha!

Well, since the last time I blogged so much has happened. We got pregnant, moved, my dad almost died of a heart attack, bought a house, did some remodeling, moved in, mom and dad sold the studio, and had a baby. That's the quick and painless version.

So, we had another girl, that makes four.

She was born in early April, which makes her almost three months old already.

My pregnancy was pretty good, thankfully. I did have a bad case of bronchitis, and one asthma attack over the winter. The symphysis pubis pain was manageable this time, I credit it to the exercises I learned from the book "Relieving Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy" by: Cecile Rost, and working on having a more aligned body from Katy Bowman and mamalinged.

I got some bad news at 30 weeks that my midwife that had previously attended Milo and Maisy's birth was let go from the practice, leaving me with basically no options locally. I made the decision to stay with my OB office and just make a birth plan I could live with. Since Maren's labor was my longest, and left me very exhausted, I decided to consider a medicated birth this time around. All of my other labors were very fast, almost too fast.

I started having contractions that were about 10 minutes apart, and a little bloody show at 39 weeks and 2 days. I called Scott home from work because I'd been having contractions waking me all through the night for the three days prior to that so I was pretty sure this was real labor. I decided to skip my morning appointment and just go for my NST at 4 pm if things hadn't picked up. I went for my NST, and things were still about 10 minutes apart, not painful, just annoying.

Around 11pm, I had some bright red blood, and my contractions were getting closer together so we decided to go in since I was considering an epidural. At this point I was very anxious and panicky, I can't really even describe what I was so worried about. I think it was mostly about not knowing how the doctor handles her deliveries, and knowing it wouldn't be at all like the previous three, which were very hands off.

I labored for an hour in triage while they had to call in a nurse, because the unit was so busy. My water had broken just as we arrived, so I knew things could possibly go quickly and she was feeling very low to me. I told the nurse I wanted the epidural, I was hoping it would make the labor somewhat easier. I wasn't having belly pain, and in my head I was telling myself it probably wouldn't take the pressure away. I pretty much went through transition getting the epidural, not doing that ever again. As soon as the anesthesiologist was finished and they got me settled into the bed, I felt the baby coming. The nurse had me do a "practice push" before she called the doctor. I asked her if she wanted me to do that because my babies have come in a handful of pushes every time, she said yes, so I barely bared down and felt the baby crown. The doctor was still in the hallway getting suited up (which was really unnecessary), and the nurse was trying to tell me to blow, and getting the bed set up. As soon as she put one leg in the stirrup, her head emerged, and she put my other foot up and she slipped onto the bed, no pushing even! Not exactly the medicated birth I had imagined! I didn't even have the epidural for 15 minutes! It's a good thing Lindsay told me to push the bullous button, or it would've been all for naught. Lindsay was my doula again, and was good to have as usual. Scott was super nervous and almost fainted this time, I think he was just nervous because I was. It was unlike any of my other births, well, no two are the same.

We were very undecided on a name. We still had a list of five or six we were considering, Mabel, Maeve, Mira, Moira, Moriah. Mercy wasn't even on the list. I consulted Kate from Sancta Nomina early in my pregnancy when we were getting no where talking about names. Once she was born, and I'd spent a few hours looking at her, I just knew her name was to be Mercy. It's the Jubilee Year of Mercy this year, and God has shown us so much of his merciful ways over our marriage and parenting. Her middle name is Adelaide which means kindness, and St. Adelaide is the patron of large families.

So, that's it. We're now officially large family status with five kids! It still sounds weird to say it, and it's even weirder that it's true! God has a sense of humor, that's for sure.

I passed our angel baby's would've been one year birthday while I was pregnant, I sometimes think about what that baby would be up to. It's a weird space to think we wouldn't have Mercy if that baby wouldn't have been lost.

We're so happy she's here.


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