Taking a social media break.

I've been taking a social media break this month. I think it's the first time I've been off Instagram for more than a few days. Facebook too, and Pinterest, and Snapchat, and Twitter.

I've honestly needed the space, and privacy. Postpartum is a hard space for me to be in. There's so much adjusting that goes on. We had such a tumultuous year last year, my dad had a heart attack and almost died. We moved four times, bought a house and now we had a baby. I'm still letting it all sink in.

With taking a break, I've learned who my real friends are, and its not that many people. I've been surprised at a few people who I thought would've been there, especially after I had Mercy. Life is like that sometimes, and sometimes you're disappointed in people. I'm thankful for the handful of people who show up for me. I talk to my sister almost every day, she will always have my back. I've kissed my sweet husband everyday. I've looked at my kids, each of them, more than my damn phone. It had become this dumb loop of scrolling. I've learned that I don't really know what to do with myself in the quiet lulls of life at home with a bunch of small kids. I've been filling the time with podcasts, music, reading, playing with my kids, baking. There really is a lot of life to be lived offline.

My life is just as beautiful even if I don't share it with a couple hundred strangers. My kids are just as awesome even if the only "likes" they get are from Scott and I. It might even be richer when all of my attention is focused on them.


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