Hopes for 2017

For the last few years I've used Jennifer Fulwiler's Saint Name Generator to pick a Patron for our family for the year. To be honest, I couldn't tell you who it was for 2016, my brain is still swirling from all the stuff that happened. I'm feeling mostly out of the newborn fog, but a little more sleep probably wouldn't hurt me.

Anyway, this year I got St. Adelaide, which I find quite ironic since we chose Adelaide as Mercy's middle name specifically because she is the Patron of large families. I'm truly hoping this isn't just God's way of saying, "hold on to your socks!'

Our life since having children has seemed to have one stressful, sometimes crazy (oh, I've never in my 25 years of pediatrics seen this!) event after another. So, with that in mind, Scott and I have decided to set the bar low in 2017. To take each day as the gift that it is. To slow down, remember to put our oxygen masks on first. No hard and fast resolutions. No, "I'm never putting sugar in my coffee again!" We'd like a year that we can reflect on, and see where the year brought us. We're each on a journey, hopefully fulfilling our purpose here on this planet. So, that's what we're focusing on. Hopes not resolutions.

Last year, I fell short of my reading goal, probably because I was sitting around worrying about stuff that mostly doesn't happen, and mostly doesn't matter. Wendell Berry is big on my list for this year. I've read a few of his essays and Hannah Coulter already. I'd also like to read at least one of his fiction books, maybe Jayber Crow, and maybe some other fiction too. Sci-fi might be a good genre. I've also got some books about homeschooling that I'd like to get through, and a few books that I'd like to read again. If we add in children's books, I'm already over 30 for the year. 😁

I'd also like to write more. Half of the reason I'm up too late is thinking about stuff. Having things I want to write down and forgetting by the next morning. The other half is watching House Hunters and getting sucked into every next episode, and being on social media, scrolling, reloading and scrolling again. 😒 This blog has been going since 2009, and I'd like to be more consistent with keeping a log of what we're doing in our homeschool, and as a family. Maybe I'll write a little about cosmetics too. I've come to find a few new favorites in the lipgloss category.

I don't think I'll choose a word for this year. In years past I've chosen abide, & trust, and then I felt resentful of my word. It's kinda the feeling you get when you pray for patience and then your toddler throws the most epic tantrum. So, I'm not doing it. It didn't seem like a fruitful exercise for me.

One area of my life that needs addressing is my phone usage. It's very hard for me to put it down for any length of time. I logged off (mostly) for one month in 2016, and my eyes were opened to who actually shows up when you log off. I love the connections made on Instagram, but it's not the community that it was 6 years ago when it began. I have a hard time not comparing myself to the pristine accounts and feeling inadequate in my mothering, homemaking, etc. So, I'm going forward being more reserved in what and when I share. My older kids and especially my husband have also asked to not be in pictures sometimes, and I need to respect that boundary.

2017 will be my 35th year of life, and though I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable about being halfway through my thirties already, I hope it will be one I remember fondly.


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